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8 November 2013

The Jungle VIP: Christmas List 2013

It's official. I have seen the Coca-Cola advert, stores have their decorations up, I've heard Christmas songs played. It seems that the festivities are well and truly upon us! And so, since All Hallows Eve is well and truly out of the way (although it's memory may remain profile pictures for the majority of you), I thought I'd put together a 2013 Christmas list because a girl can't hint enough.
Worse still is that I made this in October...but in the words of Marina and the Diamonds, "I can't help that I need it all".

1) King of the Jungle Shirt, MinkPink, £65 (available from Urban Outfitters and Bentalls Concession, Kingston) I have been dying to own this shirt for such a long time and praying that it goes in to sale but, alas, I fear it will not any time soon. At sixty-five earth pounds this is definitely one for the list of things someone else can buy you (size L please so it's baggy) 

2) Double Strap Heart Garter, £26 Each, CREEPYEHA. These hand crafted pieces are absolutely stunning and paired with some woollen knee socks and tights, these can be socially acceptable outside of the bedroom also! Available in real and faux leather, I would definitely want two (in a size medium in-case any of you were wondering) which is why are £26 a pop, plus postage and customs charges - these are on my gift list. 

3) Gold Digital Casio Watch, £55, ASOS. I received this watch for three wonderful years ago for my 19th birthday and just a few weeks ago it finally ceased to function. I adore this watch and so that's why I would like the exact same one again please. 

4) King of the Jungle Dress, £59, MinkPink (again, available from Urban Outfitters and Bentalls Concession, Kingston). Enough said. Beautiful pattern, I want the dress as well please. In a 'L' so it's baggy. 

5) Cresent Moon Midi and Rose Gold Heart Midi, £50, both from Bloody Mary Metal. I have mentioned this boutique a few times now and I cannot express my need for it enough. These limited midi rings may seem a little pricey but remember you're paying for quality here. Hand-crafted, real gold (or silver) pieces which you can keep forever. NEED!! (in a medium)

6) Killer Queen by Katy Perry EDP 100ml, £37.99, The Perfume Shop. Some of you may know my obsession with Katy Perry but I can honestly, say love Katy or not, her fragrances are what I consider to be the perfect blend of fruitiness, sass and femininity. I too can't stand the haul of celebrity/d-list perfumes which seem to flooding our stores; It seems that even that one who came second in Big Brother that time can have his/her own Eau De Toilette and book deal but I honestly love the smell, the bottle and would love to see this under my tree this year. 

7) iPad Mini in Space Grey, £249, Apple. 7.9inch retina display, 326 pixels per inch. Enough said. I much prefer the size of the mini as it seems more practical to me. Bag it.

8) UNDERGROUND Wulfrun Creeper Shoe, £89, Office. And finally, the love of my life and sadly after just a year, I managed to wear the backs of mine out to the point where they hardly stay on my feet and a replacement is much needed. Size 5 please. 

That is all. 



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