Lifestyle Review: "Lousy Smarch Weather"

Kudos if you got the reference from my post title today. 'Tis the night before payday, the most joyous day of all and so before yet another month passes me by, I thought I would share my month in photos. From top left to right...

1.MEAT Liquor on Oxford Circus, try it out if you get a chance. Amazing food and very cool atmosphere | 2. United Visual Artists: Momentum exhibition at the Barbican, London |  3. Visiting Grimmy and Radio1 with Jack. Couldn't miss a photobooth opportunity | 4. Pancake Day, greatest day of the year | 5. Return of the fringe | 6. Received an amazing package of goodies from NY! From my gorgeous overseas friend, Rose. Thank you for much awesome gifts! | 7. Work selfie from the new job | 8. Penguins at London Zoo! | 9&10 More from the Zoo with Lois, you can find her blog here. I'm wearing a black Topshop blacksuit, circle sunnies and jelly shoes | 11. The most beautiful Penny boards in the world at work | 12. Spring clean, finally got my room perfect! | 13. Five Guys - 4 times in one week is shameful but it felt so right. | 13&14. What I wore, foot selfie? Getting ready for Summer again. £9 skirt and £14 gladiator chunk sandals, both Primark |  15. Seen so many great films this month! I have so many to review so you may have to bear with me as I'm a bit behind

On a super quick and unrelated side note, I've had a lot of people ask me about my logo/banner for my blog and where I got it. The answer is this clever and talented man right >> here. << For all you design and art lovin' freaks, check out his site to follow his brief updates and designs...and to top it all off, he's my boyfriend. What a clever sausage. 

Thanks March, it's been interesting. Roll on April! May your payday be a happy one, 

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  1. Looks like your events for this month made up for the smirch weather. (。♥‿♥。) Cute photos!

  2. When you put all your photos together it makes it look like you're having so much fun :) Also on a side note your tattoos are stunning!


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