Lifestyle Review: The Walking Dead, Season Six

Now, I think it's more than acceptable to slip in the odd TV review every now and then. For those of you, like me, who have been transfixed on the latest season of The Walking Dead, I thought I'd do a little recap and my thoughts so far on season six. 

**Please be aware that this post contains spoilers from the first half of Season Six. You have been warned!**

Season Six - where do I even begin? For me, this season has been possibly one of the greatest since the show started back in 2010. When I first started watching the show, I ended up trailing off and stopped watching at the end of Season Two only to finally come to my senses and give it another chance about a year ago. This actually worked in my favour as I soon found that I'm not patient enough to wait between weekly episode airings and, waiting for long to go back to it, allowed me to watch Seasons 2-5 all in the space of a month. And what a month that was. 

As devote viewers will already know, it's been an uphill journey and, at times, a bit of a rollercoaster in Season Six. So far, it's already seen some interesting backstories, (supposed)deaths, and rebirths. Their peaceful town has since been destroyed by the Wolves gang and now the dead are lining the walls which, as we saw in last weeks' episode, have come tumbling down. So what now? As we've seen before, they'll be a mad panic and no doubt our favourite group will assemble and find refuge in yet another temporary safe house.

There have, however, been some major lows. Personally, my impression of Morgan's character has changed greatly. Morgan was once one of my favourite characters - afterall, he fights only with a stick. His backstory episode was excellent although his refusal to kill is the most annoying thing ever - you're going to get everyone killed Morgan! It was inevitable that his refusal to kill the wolf was going to result in the group's demise. Combined with Sam and Father Gabriel's pathetic existence, this left me yelling at the screen on more than one occasion each episode.

Predictions for the rest of the season? Well, I'm pretty sure Enid was once a wolf - whether she's still with them or not, she knows something and I think we're building up to something big. Another prediction involves Carl. In the comics, Carl is shot in the eye and is left with an eyepatch following yet another scrap with Ron. I'm looking forward to seeing whether this will be the case for the next half of the season.

*Did Glenn really die? Of course he didn't but the suspense was sometimes too much to handle. The creators of the show even removed actor Steven Yeun's name from the opening title sequence following Glen's supposed tragic death.
*Maggie's pregnant! It's great to know that even amongst the chaos, Glenn still finds the time to get in  some time with his lady
*Michonne totally ate Morgan's peanut bar.
*Father Gabriel getting shut down by Rick time and time again
*Carl and Ron's bitch slap fight
*Carol's countless bad-ass moments in almost every episode

Knowing me to be a huge fan of the show, Eaglemoss* sent me over these rather cool figurines* to celebrate their latest subscription release and the show's return to Fox on February 15th. Each one comes with a little booklet about the character and has it's own little unique detailing. What do you think of them? If you'd like to get your hands on one of these little guys (or even all of them) you can subscribe here.

That's it for my series review - what were your highlights of The Walking Dead Season 6? What are your predictions for the second half of the season? The season returns February and I can't wait!

Until next time fellow walker lovers,

*Disclaimer: This product was gifted to me in return for review. As always, all opinions are my own and do not reflect those of the brand.
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  1. I'm so glad someone else feels the same about Morgan! Like, I loved him in earlier seasons and whatnot, but then when he wouldn't kill, and also kept that dude locked up? Naaaah. And then when he basically beat up Carol? NO DUDE, CAROL IS FREAKIN' BADASS. Basically, I love Carol.

    Those figurines are cool - I'd love a...Carol one, if you couldn't tell.

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

    1. I know! I used to love him but this whole "no killing thing" is ridiculous. Yeah totally - Carol is amazing! She's gotten more and more badass as the seasons go on. I think they do a figure for her in the subscription so not to worry haha x

  2. The Walking Dead is honestly my favourite TV show.. Having to wait between season breaks (& even episodes) is so hard!

    I completely agree with your thoughts & Enid - there is definitely something dark to her character.. we even heard her talking about the Wolves breaking into the settlement but Carl cut her off (grr!). Plus my heart broke when we thought Glenn had died - he's one of the best characters!

    I'm keen to see what's going to happen in the next episode (comes out here on my birthday.. yay!) as that child was talking whilst they walked through the herd.. not good!

    The little figures are super cool! Michonne's is amazing!

    Great post.


    1. Yay! I'm so glad you like it as much as me! Its been such a long wait already - I just want to watch the whole season in one sitting. Definitely - somethings going to go down with Enid. I feel like maybe she left the Wolves and by mistake (or maybe even on purpose) she led them to Alexandra. What an awesome birthday present :) xx

  3. those action figures are so cool! I havent actually properly watched the show, but from the few episodes I've seen I really like it. Will definitely have to binge watch at some point :p
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. I wasn't that in to from the first two seasons but I decided to just go for it and watch it properly and just fell in love with it. I'm not a huge fan of horror TV shows as such (other then AHS) but I think this is really well done. Give it a go! xx

  4. Ok, season 6 was so intense! I was literally yelling every episode when Morgan was letting the bad buys live... And when they lead the zombie away was next level!
    I this isn't a spoiler but, a friend has told me, In the comics when this they where leaving the house and the kid starts talking... apparently if i'm right Rick looses an arm and i'm pretty sure Carl gets an eye stabbed out. I doubt this would actually happen considering that they are of the 2 main characters and the writers have openly stated that they are trying to be different from the comics so we never know what to expect... and also they can't take Ricks arm! what would everyone do! haha.. what do you think about it?

    Em x

    1. It really was! I've never gotten so passionate about a Season before this. I think the last time I was this shocked or emotional was when Beth died.

      Yeah Carl does lose an eye in the comics and I did hear that about Rick - he'd still be totally badass with one arm and it could work for Carl's edge I think haha. Up until now, it's amazing they're still alive so losing a limb would make sense. The seasons are so different from the comics though so I'd like to see them integrate some of the original story in. So glad to find a fellow enthusiast xx

  5. I'm a a huge fan of The Walking Dead! I can't believe they made us think that Glen had died when he didn't. It made me so sad. I was like Nooooooooo! :') - Becky x

  6. Its on AMC not FOX....unless its different where u are..deadhead from day one!!! And will be till there's a end...which I hope is never!!!!lol and if that boy says mom one more time somebody smack him!!!! Or give him to Negan!! Lol

  7. Its on AMC not FOX....unless its different where u are..deadhead from day one!!! And will be till there's a end...which I hope is never!!!!lol and if that boy says mom one more time somebody smack him!!!! Or give him to Negan!! Lol

    1. We don't have AMC in the UK - it's shown on Fox for us :)


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