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5 September 2016

Foodie Review: Mango Tree Harrods, Knightsbridge

Back at it again with another foodie review to sink your teeth in to and today I'm super excited to be reviewing a rather swanky joint. Last week, myself and Jack were invited to review Mango Tree Harrods - a luxury restaurant specialising in dishes from all regions of Thailand.

For those of who who have not yet visited Mango Tree Harrods*, it is a 24-seater restaurant located within the iconic Harrods Food Hall. Much like it's sister restaurant in Belgravia, it is renowned for its authentic Thai menu which showcases exotic flavours and delicate use of spices. Being a smaller branch, the Harrods menu is smaller but perfectly formed with a range of popular signature dishes. Here's a little look at our evening...

Being invited to such a great location, we wanted to taste a bit of everything and so Jack and I shared a variety of dishes between us. Famed for their dim sum, it seemed only fitting that we sample of their delights and so we ordered two servings of the Lobster and Coriander Dumplings (pictured above) which Jack thinks was his favourite of all the dishes we tried. For me, however, it was easily the crunchy Fried Lobster Popcorn (pictured above) which was perfectly light and full of flavour. The golden delights are filled with tasty, meaty chunks of lobster and drizzled with sweet, spicy mayonnaise served on a bed of salad. If that wasn't enough, we also shared the Golden Phoenix Prawns - meaty prawns in a delicate golden battered nest served with a chili mango sauce. The prawns themselves were perfect and combined with the sweetness yet spiciness of the chili mango, it made for a delicious yet light course. 

As you can imagine from our 'starters', they didn't last very long on the plate before being devoured and so we ordered more splendour with our mains. Jack opted for a hearty dish in the form of the Ped Makham (pictured above) - sliced grilled duck served with vegetables and exotic sweet and sour tamarind sauce. Naturally, this was perfectly cooked with a crisp skin and juicy duck meat. I, however, unintentionally went for the slightly more pricier option - Grilled Wagyu Beef (pictured above). With a choice of three sauces (thai curry, sweet soy, thai homemade spice), this was the finest cut of Wagyu beef served with fragrant jasmine rice (served separately) and green salad. Without a doubt, this was one of the best steaks I have ever eaten - served perfectly medium/rare, free of any unwanted fat and wonderfully seasoned for full flavour. Perfect!

Unfortunately for us, Mango Tree Harrods doesn’t actually serve dessert and so we decided to call it a night - leaving pleasantly full. Luckily, you readers with a sweet tooth can pop across to the Harrods pastry and cake counter located just a few feet away.

Overall, Mango Tree Harrods perfectly demonstrates that it is entirely possible to have quality food within a department store (take that, Debenhams). If you’re looking for somewhere to spend a quality evening or lunch with the best quality Thai in town, Mango Tree is certainly your place. We worked out that our bill would have roughly come to around £200 (my main costing £58) and so this is most definitely a treat but I would recommend it anyone on a special occasion or looking to splash the cash.  It’s a great experience and the service is friendly and super efficient.

Until next time food lovers,

*Disclaimer - this post is in collaboration with Mango Tree Harrods. All opinions are my own and do not reflect that of the brand. 


  1. This looks magnificent, Sophie! I am so jealous of all the amazing opportunities you get. Harrods is so iconic and it's on my list of places to visit when I travel to London one day soon. Great review as always xx

    Ashley C.

    1. Ah yeah I'm very lucky - this was by far one of the best places I've ever eaten xx

  2. Thai food is one of my favorites :) I was curious so I downloaded the menu pdf and I noticed that among the soups they had Tom Yum Goong and Beef Pho, which are authentic Thai dishes. Pho is actually a Vietnamese term but they have a similar item in Thailand called Kwetiau Nam. It's hard to find that type of soup in Thai restaurants outside of Thailand (much easier to get pho in Vietnamese restaurants) so kudos to them for having that on the menu. The one big difference between meals in Thailand and Thai food exported to the rest of the world is that in Thailand, the food is off-the-charts spicy.

    1. Yeah for sure - Thai is easily one of my favourite places too. The food here wasn't particularly spicy although I think that may just be because of what we ordered - you could add sauces and things to them though. They have a bigger restaurant in Chelsea which has a far more extensive menu but this was absolutely amazing - easily the best Thai I've had :)

  3. That duck dish looks AMAZING. Duck and tamarind is like a match made in heaven <3 Thai has fast become one of my favourite cuisines so will have to give the Mango Tree a go!


    1. Yeah same here! I never used to eat anything like Thai but I have been enlightened haha now I can't get enough xx

  4. sounds like a good place to go for a really nice meal out. The dumplings look amazing!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. Definitely - I think it's perfect for a special occasion or if you're feeling fancy :) xx


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