Lifestyle Review: The Design Museum, Kensington

The brand new Design Museum in Kensington, West London, has finally opened it's doors to the public. Featuring two current exhibitions and three displays, Jack and I were eager to check it out. Here's a little look...

Being opening weekend, it's hardly surprising that the queue for the museum was over an hour long. Once inside however, it offered an amazing display of product design and a look at British design through the decades. One in particular which I really enjoyed was the Designer, Maker, User exhibit (featured above). This segment presents a look at the development of modern design through the three interconnected roles. Some of the brands the exhibit focusses on (which, personally I think are fantastic examples of modern design) are Apple and Braun and these were really interesting to see.

Unlike some design museums which focus more heavily on print work and graphic design, this one seemed to be massively interactive and included family-friendly workshops and mixed media exhibits. For me, one of the best things about the Design Museum was the building itself - it's visually stunning and makes for an excellent new location. 

Another thing I loved about the place was this idea that design is present in every single aspect of our everyday lives whether we see it or not. Of course, for Jack as a graphic designer, he didn't necessarily learn anything about design itself but what he enjoyed more was the showcasing of technology through the ages and how every single creation has a purpose and a design plan. Everything is structured a certain way - either for functionality or because it just looks friggin' amazing that way. 

Once the hype and queues calm down a little, I would strongly recommend checking it out. Luckily for us, the queues did move very quickly and, if you have a passion for design and creative, I think this makes for an excellent few hours. The Design Museum is free to visit and located just a short walk from High Street Kensington Station.

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  1. This new location looks great! Correct me if I am wrong but isn't Kensington associated with Prince Albert (and Queen Victoria)? There are some really nice museums there along with Imperial College and the Royal Albert Hall :)

    1. Yeah it was lovely, great building. Hmm, maybe? I don't know many who personally associate it with Prince Albert but there is a memorial for him in Kensington Park I believe? And yes, the Royal Albert Hall isn't too far of a walk either. There's lots of beautiful buildings and museums all over the place which I clearly take for granted, being so close :)

  2. Wow this great Sophie. Another reason to visit London soon! I hadn't realized that Jack was a graphic designer that must be such a fun job. Do you do design yourself also? Hope you had a lovely time

    Ashley xx

    1. Yeah you totally need to come visit! I think it's alot like any job really, it has it's ups and downs. I think it's difficult as design and art is so subjective so you need thick skin I think. I don't, I'm much more in to my films but I'm interested in what Jack does and the design industry as a whole. Thanks :) xx


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