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18 July 2015

Beauty Review: In Your Dreams

Hello, hello! Happy Saturday to you all. A few weeks ago, the most beautiful holographic-wrapped package landed on my door stop from the lovely team at In Your Dreams.  Filled with bindis, temporary tattoos and fun makeup ideas for the summer, I thought I'd share the wonderful treats inside to gear you all up for the festival season...

In Your Dreams first emerged on the festival scene, offering intricate face paints and makeup but soon evolved to a makeup service developing their own line of bindis, sequins and metallic and UV temporary tattoos. Many of the pieces are inspired by asian and native aztec designs, including wolves, feathers and insects. 

The package I received contained an amazing variety of the types of pieces they offer through their online store and also what you can purchase from their at their festival stalls this year. Also in the package was some amazing little tips and inspiration for ways to wear the amazing bindis and face jewels this festival season. I've never been particularly wild or creative with my makeup and so this was really fun to play with! 

The temporary tattoos are so easy to apply and look really cute for a night out or adding a bit of glam if you're at a festival this year. The bindis and face jewels are a little more fiddly but stick to the skin easily and can be applied with a pair of tweezers to give better positioning. 

So that's my first attempt at a festival inspired look! Now that I've actually tried out the bindis and jewels I do wish I could wear my makeup like this everyday and that be a thing. As I say, I've never been too crazy when it comes to wearing hair crowns and things so it was pretty fun to dress up a little and try out these cute accessories.

You can check In Your Dreams out at a whole host of festivals this summer including Secret Garden Party, Love Box and Burning Man so keep an eye out for their amazing designs and makeup tents! All the items featured in my gift package were all gifted to me by In Your Dreams. Thanks for the fun package, guys! What do you think of their pieces? Are you attending any festivals this summer? Hope every has a great weekend,

Peace and love,

Disclaimer*: This product was sent to me for the purposes of review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own and do not reflect that of the brand.


  1. Such cool products! I really like this post, thanks for sharing :D

    Love Emina


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  2. The bindi and eye jewels look great on you, Sophie. I hope you have a great weekend! Please give a scratch behind the ears for Rosie the cat (who has been with you for much longer than I thought) for me :D

    1. Aw thanks Gil, I'm off to Star Wars Secret cinema today so very excited and nervous also. I will do! She's a crazy old lady now :)

  3. These look so cool! I've always wanted to try the metallic dream catcher temporary tattoo/stickers, they look great in all the photographs I've seen. Thanks for sharing! x


    1. Yeah they're really lovely and super easy to apply. I think they make a great alternative to jewellery :) Thanks for reading! x

  4. Those jewels are really pretty! I love the look of the metallic tattoos. I have a set of temporary but mine are just black. I'm so tempted to pick up a pack but I do nottttt need it haha

    Peace & Love // Celestralite

    1. Ha maybe treat yourself after payday! Hope you're having a good weekend :) x

  5. That's so weird you posted this when I saw these guys are LoveBox! They did amazing body paint and stuff. They're amazing! Great post - love your makeup! ox

    Aimee ox

    1. Aw really? They're a lovely bunch and do some amazing stuff! Thanks for reading :) x

  6. Such lovely bits! I love the look you created! You look amazing!!!
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