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3 May 2016

Lifestyle Review: 8 Big Boob Problems

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Having big boobs isn't always a positive experience and, more often than not, they just plain get in the way. As you regular readers may have noticed, I'm not usually one to open up about the female body but for today's post I thought I'd have some fun. Here's 8 reasons why having large boobs can be a curse...

1. The Backache

I am constantly suffering from and complaining about backache and unfortunately there's really much I can do about it. After a long day sat at a desk, then coming home to tidy up or make dinner - the backache can get pretty tedious. Being an F cup myself, I have often thought about breast reduction* and can understand why a lot of women go down that road. It certainly seems to have a number of advantages even if I would never do it myself. Although if I did, the rest of the list would no longer be an issue...

2. The buttons gape on all your shirts and button down dresses

This rules out a lot of clothing from some of my favourite stores and means I pretty much never wear shirts at all. For those items I just can't resist, it's important to have good stock of safety pins to avoid showing the whole world your inner side boob.

3. It's impossible to find sexy bras that fit properly

OK so it might not be impossible but it's certainly not cheap either. Many high-street brands do not go up to my cup size or if they do, they don't have the waist sizes to go with it. If I want to find a pretty bra that actually provides some support while still looking sexy, it's going to cost me. Primark do, however, sometimes really surprise me and I stock up when I find a gem that can actually lift. Also, I want to know what bra Christina Hendricks is wearing because her boobs defy all laws of physics.

4. It's really hard to find practical bikinis

This might be my general pickiness but it's so difficult to find bikinis I like that don't crush them or force them to hang out. I'm always draw to ones with fun designs but they often don't go up to my cup size or it means that they're too big around the back or waist. Lazy Oaf have launched an amazing swim wear range this week and I pretty much already know that none of it is going to fit my bust. Gutted. If you're like me also, you don't want them pushed up too high so I never understand why all the shops seem to stuff their bikini bras with so much padding. I can't deal with them being under my chin. 

5. You automatically show them off in anything lower cut  

V-necks - why you show so much boob? I love v-necks but they often mean you can't avoid the obvious cleavage. Whilst I understand that some girls love to flaunt their assets (and rightfully so - there's nothing wrong with a little cleave), I've always been a little conservative with mine and it can often make it hard to dress for work or nights out. Which leads me on to my next point

6. I'm immediately put off by anything fitted 

This post is making me sound super frumpy but since I don't like to enhance mine any more than I have to, anything fitted around the chest and waist is usually a no go which makes it harder to find things to wear. In the summer, I think cropped tees and baggy vests look so pretty on other girls yet for me, there's just too much boob going on. If you can get away with them and still have a big ole' bust, more power to you.

7. You get hit in the boob a lot. 

They're there permanently and they stick out - it's unavoidable. I'm forever finding random bruises with no idea how they came to be.

8. Side zips are hard

 The other day I was trying on a dress for a wedding which zipped up on my left. I think most of you will agree that sometimes you need two hands to zip things up but this is especially hard when your right boob is preventing you from getting any real purchase. They just plain get in the way!


Of course, it's not all bad and there are days when I'm pretty pleased with them. Well that's it for my boob rant - do you share any of my daily boob dramas? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below. I was a bit nervous about doing this post as, most of you will know, I don't tend to go too far beyond cats, films and things I buy. So, I hope you all like it!

Until next time,

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative blog post. All content and thoughts are my own and do not reflect the opinions of the brand.


  1. finding a gym bra that will actually hold them in place is pretty hard lol plus jumping/running is painful!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. Yup! You totally get it. They're heavy - the struggle is so real haha x

  2. I don't have huge boobs but they are big for my body. I buy a top and it fits everywhere but my boobs and it looks like I have 4, not a great look haha!

    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
    Blog Lovin' // Instagram

    1. Ugh that happens to me all the time - it'll fit perfectly on the waist but the boobs ruin it. Had to get rid of so many beloved dresses for that reason :( x

  3. I have a couple friends who definitely suffer from big boob syndrome now and again, haha! The struggle!

    Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess

    1. Haha people don't understand the struggle! We can't just wear any old top, everything requires thought. They're a blessing and a curse x

  4. I can relate to this post so much! I go through phases of being overlay self conscious about them and button gape is so annoying. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

    1. The button gape is the worst! I tend to go for baggy to avoid it x

  5. I FEEL YA. My boob once popped out on a theme park ride. There was video evidence and everything. The zip thing is so awkward too, I struggle to find clothes sometimes that fit over the boob area and aren't super baggy round my waist!

    Milly | Mini Adventures

    1. OH MY GOD that's friggin hilarious. I'm sure it wasn't at the time but my god is that some Carry On kinda good. Haha I love that you have video evidence?! Which ride was this? Haha xx

  6. So many FEELS for this post!
    I cannot wait until the day I do not have to wear a bra that looks a Pat Butcher reject

    What Raj Wants


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