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30 December 2016

Outfit of the Day: Stayin' In or Slayin' on NYE

Boohoo Outfit of the day post
Where has the year gone, already? No matter what you're feelings are on 2016, the chances are you'll be either celebrating it's departure or it's successes this New Year's Eve. Whether you're stayin' in or slayin' (or both) - I thought I'd share my NYE outfit in collaboration with Boohoo.

ASOS orange faux fur coat
I'm usually up for going out on New Years. I'm quite sentimental when it comes to reigning in a new year and, if it meant a night with my best friends, why not? Due to our scheduling and relocating, we haven't managed to meet up this time and Jack and I are contemplating the ultimate night-in and leaving it to the last minute to plan anything instead. I'm not sure whether it's just because we're getting 'old' but sometimes I really do look forward to enjoying a fine meal and cuddling up in front of a good movie in our cozy flat. Luckily, whether I decide to stay in or go out, Boohoo have got me covered with a snazzy Party Dress AND some comfy loungewear.  

Boohoo Black Becca Dress
Boohoo Becca Velvet dress
Boohoo Becca Velvet party dress
Boohoo Plus Becca Velvet dress

Becca Velvet Shirt Dress in Black, Boohoo* |  Chunky Faux Fur Coat, ASOS |  Wide Brim Fedora Hat (old), H&M | Velvet Choker Necklace, Claire's | Pendant Necklace (old), H&M | Lipcolour, Posh Spice by Jeffree Star Cosmetics

I opted for something that can be dressed up or down (whilst also containing my boobs). I opted for the Becca Velvet Shirt Dress which seemed to be fit the bill very nicely. Not only is it black to match the rest of my wardrobe, but at this time of year I can't pass up anything in velvet. I really love the cut out style of this dress and, being a baggier fit, it makes for a super comfortable yet flattering going-out dress which can also be worn with thicker tights and flats for a dressed up every day look. For my night in, however...

Staying in or slaying out boohoo
Boohoo ombre pyjamas
Primark grinch slippers

Eva Ombre Long Sleeve Jogger and Lounge Set, Boohoo* | Dr Seus Grinch Slippers, (gift from Emily), Primark | Heart shaped Popcorn bowl (old), Urban Outfitters | 

Who says I only wear black? I was immediately attracted to these jersey pyjamas in ombre rainbow print. You may not be able to tell from the photos but they're actually t-shirt material which means they're both breathable but also snug, a bit like a jumpsuit. I'm a bit of an odd, hour-glass shape so I can be fussy with pyjamas sometimes but these are baggy in all the right places - and fitted where I need them to be also. If you're planning on a festive night-in, I'd definitely recommend grabbing a pair of these babies, getting some good grub, enjoying some new Blu-rays and bringing in the New Year in style.

I know it's been a tough year for some but when I look back, this year was totally great for me on a personal level. Tonight, no matter what plans I decide, I'll be celebrating. When I look back at my goals from last year, I'm actually pretty proud of myself for achieving pretty much all of them. I got another job promotion, I got a beautiful flat with my boyfriend and we started putting away for some up and coming world travels. I've met some incredible people and lost no real friends - how can I complain? So what are your plans for this New Year's? Did you manage to tick off your goals for the year? Whether you're staying in or going out, I'd love to know and, as always, I love reading your comments so please do leave me lots of lovely ones down below.

Until 2017, Happy New Year everyone -

*Disclaimer: These items were gifted to me by Boohoo.com in return for a review. All views are my own and do not reflect the opinions of the brand. 


  1. Wow, you look so great and the coat looks so comfy :) I'm so glad that you have prospered because I'm sure you have worked hard for it. 2016 was kind of hard for me on a personal level and I am bracing for what changes 2017 will bring to the USA. For New Year's, I got a lot of Thai take out food and I watched a few documentaries and I've been reading a book on architectural styles. So my NYE was not bad. I hope you had a wonderful NYE, Sophie!

    1. Thank you Gil :) Thanks so much - the year seemed to have passed by really quickly. I know this has been a tough year for you - I really hope that 2017 brings much better things your way. Well done for staying strong though through it all. Thai takeout and films sounds great! We watched Zootropolis and some TV - wasn't anything fancy as Jack's not really in to NYs. Was still nice though :) Happy New Year Gil

  2. You look amazing hun! That coat is just amazing! I want those slippers, ah they are so cute! Happy New Year! I can't wait to see all your content! I'm really excited for 2017. I have so many crazy plans and I want to do them all!

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    Blog Lovin' // Instagram

    1. Aw thank you hun! Haha yeah they're amazing. My friend Emily got me them for Christmas and they're sooo snug. Ohhh exciting! Can't wait to see/hear all about them xx

  3. the ombre set is SOO cute! loving the velvet dress too and that coat is amazing! I stayed in and it was amazing, a quiet NYE was just what I needed. happy new year hun!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. Yeah same here - a quiet night in watching movies in the end (in my pjs!). Thanks hun, happy new year to you too! xxx

  4. Absolutely beautiful, Sophie! I really love your coat. Hope you had a wonderful New Years xx


    1. Aw thank you Ashley! Thanks, it's super snug :) You too xx


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