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20 May 2017

Film Event: Star Wars Identities at the O2 Arena

Last week, Jack decided to give me a pre-birthday surprise by inviting two of my best friends down for the weekend and taking us to see Star Wars Identities at the O2 Arena in London. Naturally, I bloody loved it and couldn't wait to share it with you all. Here's a look...

Featuring a collection of 200 original Star Wars props, models, costumes and artworks, Star Wars Identities allows fans to create their own characters, complete with personality traits. Made up of a series of interactive features and sensors, visitors can build their own personalised character from one of 16 species. 

We made our way into the exhibit where we given a headset and wristband which would allow us to track our journey. Starting with species, you're taken through the history of the franchise - going on to select genes and family tree, culture, mentors, friends, events, occupation, personality, and finally values and attire. Along the way, of course, is a whole range of incredible and original props used in the films.

Thankfully, we visited early on a Friday morning so the exhibit was our oyster. We got to have a good look at everything with no interruption and, due to it being so quiet, we managed to get in and out in just over an hour. However,  I imagine it would pretty darn busy on a weekend. At a price per ticket of £18.50 - £22.00, I personally think Star Wars Identities is certainly worth the visit to genuine fans although it's not quite as extensive as I imagined it to be. That said, I particularly loved the concept art and seeing the early development of the characters. Who knew that Yoda started out as a garden gnome? In terms of going as a non-fan, I feel a lot of it might be a little bit lost but the exhibit would make for an amazing treat for kids and young Padawans. I particularly liked that the majority of the mannequins were bringing some serious sass.

Once you've completed the journey, you're inviting to scan in your wrist band to reveal your true Star Wars identity on the big screen. As you can see, myself, Ash, Vanessa and Jack all went for very different paths but were pleased with our choices. Overall, we had a great hour exploring the exhibit and I'm so glad to have finally seen it for myself. In other words, Jack did very well in organising this for my surprise Birthday day out. Huge thanks to him and of course Ash and Vanessa for coming to visit me for the weekend.

Well, that's it for another film event. Have you been to Star Wars Identities yet? What do you think? As always, I love reading your thoughts so please do leave me lots of lovely comments down below. 

Until next time fellow film fans - May the Force be with you (...sorry), 



  1. Oh wow, your comment about Yoda as a garden gnome made me search for this picture: http://www.ladbible.com/entertainment/film-and-tv-yoda-was-originally-meant-to-look-totally-different-20161119 I had no idea about this! Was your Star Wars Identity at the end an Ewok? Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration, Sophie :)

    1. That's the one! It shows you the development of each character and how they got to the final stage which is pretty interesting (if you're a nerd like me, anyway!). Yes so when you enter, you pick your species and I chose an Ewok and from that you pick your personality traits and costume etc. It's kinda silly but fun at the same time. Was really great, thanks Gil :) Thanks also for your birthday message

  2. Wow this looks amazing, Sophie! It all looks so interesting. I was never much of a Star Wars kid growing up but now I absolutely love it and love re-watching them all. Do you have a favourite of the films? Hope you had a fantastic birthday

    Ashley xx

    1. Aw I'm so glad. Usually the only people I know who appreciate it are the ones who watched it as a kid - anyone older just doesn't get the appeal. I honestly love the new ones (Rogue One and Force Awakens) but Empire Strikes Back is my favourite of the original trilogy :) How about you? Thanks hun, it was really lovely xx

  3. I have tickets to see this that I got for Xmas. Been wanting to go as I'm a huge fan of Star Wars. Looking forward to when I am able to go :)

    1. Ah amazing, I hope you have a fantastic time. I think you'll absolutely love it xx


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