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6 November 2017

Film Event: The Snow Kingdom at Backyard Cinema

Backyard Cinema are no stranger to Popcorn and Glitter. With the recent opening of their magic Snow Kingdom, and as one of their lucky bloggers, I was kindly invited along the private launch for a special screening of Beauty and the Beast (2017). Here's a little look inside...

If you've not yet heard of them - you've not been looking very far. Backyard Cinema* is created by movie lovers - for movie lovers; providing an immersive experience in a unique cinema setting. Following the success of their Summer theme, Miami Beach, BYC has now transformed in to an enchanted Snow Kingdom for the winter season. In keeping with the theme, they're screening a whole host of modern classics such as Princess Bride, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Cool Runnings and many more. Along with my good friend, Chess, and the other Backyard Cinema bloggers, we popped along to be one of the first to see it in all it's glory.

Built in the same location as Miami Beach, the cinema is just a short walk from Elephant & Castle Tube station - inside the Mercato Metropolitano food court. Being situated as it is, the venue pretty much makes for the ideal date night. You can grab yourself an array of savoury and sweet treats from a huge selection of food pop-ups, before pulling up a beanbag chair and enjoying a film.

Once inside the food court, it's very easy to find the cinema itself. What was once bright pink with palm trees has now been made in to a fairy tale castle. With tickets and tokens in hand, we ventured inside, through the snow cave and across the wooden bridge - each with a jar of fairy-lights to light our way. Through the wooden door, we stepped inside the Kingdom, decorated with woodland creatures and medieval-esque wall hangings. If you can't picture it, just think Hogwarts meets Disney castle.

At the bar, they've also introduced a new selection of sparkling potion drinks with edible glitter which just have Instagram written all over them. Personally, I'd have to recommend the Toxic Apple which is just delicious - even for a non-drinker, like me. Having explored all of the delights BYC had to offer, it was finally to time to grab our selection of snacks and take a seat on those ridiculously comfy beanbags to watch Beauty and the Beast. Not a bad way to spend the evening, right?

For someone like me (who spends half their life in screening rooms), cinema trips can sometimes feel  a little tedious - regardless of how good the film is. However, movie events like this are really something to get excited about. I really love that BYC recognise a demand for more immersive cinema experiences and, in this case, no detail has been spared. I honestly can't fault the place.

Huge thanks to the guys at Backyard Cinema for having us for the evening. There really is no better way to enjoy a film and I cannot recommend it enough. If you'd like to check out the Snow Kingdom or any of the BYC events, you can purchase tickets from their website here. But tell me, have you visited Backyard Cinema yet? Where is your favourite place to see a film? As always, I love reading your comments so please do leave me lots of lovely ones down below.

Until next time film fans,

*Disclaimer: I was invited to attend this event as a blogger. As always, all opinions are my own and do not reflect that of the brand. 


  1. I don't know how I've managed to miss this, but I am now desperate to attend a screening at Backyard Cinema! As much as I love going to the cinema too, I totally get what you mean about cinema trips feeling a little tedious from time to time - it would be awesome to shake things up with something as awe-inspiring as this! :-)

    1. Couldn't agree more, hun. They're planning on expanding and having more cinemas which is really exciting too :) Hope you get to catch one soon! x

  2. I have not but this looks like a great night out, and seeing beauty and the beast, even better!!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. What an great experience that screening must have been, such a cool idea. Wish we had something like that here!

    1. Yeah it's a really lovely night out :) I just loved the little details like the lights changing during the film and the bean bags are soooo comfy xx

  4. Yeah, it does look like a wonderful experience, Sophie! I like how they put so much thought into it. You know, I'm just glad if a theater that gets the basics right. For example, being able to properly set up the equipment. Like at the article here: http://screencrush.com/consumer-guide-to-theater-projection/

    Off topic from the post, I am wondering at what event you got the selfie with Taika Waititi that's on your twitter. Pretty cool!. I watched Hunt for the Wilderness People last year on your recommendation and I really enjoyed it just like I enjoyed Thor Ragnarok :) I think you must be very busy since you haven't put up a review. I hope you're not too stressed from work, Sophie. I hope you are well!

    1. Yeah it's great :) Easily my favourite film evening in London.

      The photo was taken at the press junket for Thor: Ragnarok. I actually got to interview Taika (a dream come true) for work and he was really lovely to me. I think he knew I was obsessed with him haha. He left me take a few selfies :)

  5. Wow Sophie this looks like the ultimate film lovers event! I'm very jealous as this would be my ideal night out. I very much liked the look of the Miami Beach one you went to also. Hope you're keeping well? xx


    1. Yeah it really was very good. I still think Miami Beach is my favourite one so far but I'm going to Winter Garden soon so we'll see then if that's even better. Yeah I'm good thank you, been a bit of a mad few weeks but I'm doing good :) Hope you're ok? xx

  6. OMG this looks AMAZING! *heart eyes* I must go! You're so lucky oxox

    Kat <3


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