Travel Diary: Sunflowers and The Berlin Filmhaus

So it hasn't exactly been a day by day account of my time in Berlin but here is my final entry of my Berlin adventures from last week. Diving straight in, you may have noticed a continuing theme in my outfits throughout this trip. Besides a fair bit of white, a particular flower also cropped up to brighten my look. Here is are my outfits of the day for the final few hours of Berlin...

Now besides my interest in fashion, film is my first love and so when I'm in the home of the Berlin Film Festival, I couldn't resist dragging my fellow passenger to the Berlin Filmhaus! The museum showcases German cinema from the darkest depths of German expression; Fritz Lang's hugely influential silent film, Metropolis (1927) to film-making during the war, Marlene Dietrich and the Hollywood era. On entry to the museum, film fan or not, you can't help but appreciate the aesthetic of the place with it's crazy dimensions and use of the space. The museum is of minimalist design, and the Marlene Dietrich exhibits some stunning photography, belongings and outfits of Germany's most notorious film star.

 It is definitely not an all day attraction and there is a certain level of exclusion for those who are not entirely clued up on German cinema. I felt guilty dragging round a reluctant Jack who had no clue what The Cabinet of Dr. Calagari was about and why would he? Unlike the London one, it is not for all members of the family and does not represent film as a whole and so be careful before spending 7euros a head to get in. In total, we were in there for about half an hour and so works out pretty pricey for a small exhibition but stunning non-the-less. For you hardcore film fans, check it out if you get the chance though you may have to do your research before hand.

Original film camera from 1920s
Model example of a German Expressionism film set 
Robotic woman from Fritz Lang's 1927 Metropolis
And so concludes my Berlin adventures. It was an amazing few days and the post-holiday blues is definitely setting in nicely. I so desperately want to go back or have had an extra few days there but back to work and reality. I've probably missed out a few photos but you can check out my Facebook and Instagram for further pictures. Thanks for following me on my trip, hope you guys are also off to some exciting places also!

Gute Nacht und viel Gl├╝ck,


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  1. Ahhhh! I am so jealous. Metropolis is legit one of my favourite films <3


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