My Week in Photos: This Is Halloween

Hello! Happy November, where has the time gone? Well since I expressed my excitement for Halloween to you all, I thought it only fair that I then share what I actually got up to!

Firstly, I figured that this year was finally the year I was going to go to Thorpe Park's annual Fright Nights. Teaming up with Lionsgate Films, the disturbed minds behind Cabin in the Woods, House of 1000 Corpses, The Descent and countless others, Thorpe Park presented five live-action horror mazes intended to thrill and terrify. Naturally, being a crazed film fan and thrill seeker, I had to try these mazes out for myself, completely open to being scared senseless. What I actually got was a bit of disappointment. The Saw Maze, as before, was just as brilliant as I had remembered - utterly disgusting and wonderful. However, The Cabin in the Woods, Studio 13, Blair Witch and My Bloody Valentine mazes left a lot to be desired leaving me wondering if maybe I'm tougher then I thought. Having queues for literally hours to enter each one, I felt a little let down but I still enjoyed the experience and love the depths in which Thorpe Park went to recreate the detail of each film. As usual, Thorpe Park left no stone unturned. Fright Night's are probably more intended for teenagers (I'm clearly getting old) but the rides were made all the better by a spooky, green and red lit park that looked mesmerising and all your prior understanding of directions distorted.

Pictured above also is my costume and nails for Halloween! On Halloween night, Jack and I ventured to Clapham Common with some friends and visited a cool little bar, with rather awesome d├ęcor, playing SKA covers of pop songs - right up my street. Next door, was a quaint little cinema that I thought I'd share too. Dressed as Maleficent and accompained by some zombies(?) and Millhouse, I wore heavy eye and cheek makeup and some rather lovely handmade horns from Etsy. Paired with killer sharp nails and a velvet skater dress, I went for a gothic yet understated rendition. 

To top it all off, I visited Southampton this week just gone as it's just not Halloween with a trip to Popworld, Southampton. I had such a good night catching up with my uni friends, and can't wait to go back in two weeks for Ash's birthday! You can check out and subscribe to my good friends' Ash and Sarah's YouTube page That Sounds Fun featuring their Halloween post now HERE

Check out their page for all kinds of rather amusing games, challenges and reviews! 

Until next time, stay tuned for some new film reviews coming soon! It's getting to Oscar season which means there is only more to come and I can't wait!

What did you go as for Halloween? Keep the comments and emails coming, I'm loving hearing from you and excited for some up and coming collaborations.



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