Foodie Review: Kimchi Princess, Kreuzberg, Berlin

Back again with another foodie review to sink your teeth in to and today I'm sharing my review of a place voted one of the Top 5 Korean places in Berlin. As you regular readers may remember, I visited Berlin again in March with my best friend. Having heard about Kimchi Princess before and finding ourselves nearby, Vanessa and I gave it a try. Here's my review...

In the times visiting Berlin previously, I had heard about Kimchi Princess but simply hadn't found the time to seek it out. I absolutely love asian food, especially Japanese and Korean and so, with it being a rather grey lunchtime, we decided to finally give it a go. 

Located in Kreuzberg, Kimchi Princess prides itself on being one of the top Korean restaurants in Berlin. Serving meat, vegan and vegetarian friendly dishes, they specialise in sharing plates with a selection of BBQ, dumplings and ramen. Decorated with red walls, wooden tables and benches, I immediately loved the vibe of the place - something about the atmosphere was just so relaxing. As we walked in, we were immediately greeted by the smiley staff and took our seats to enjoy the lunch time menu. It was time to order...

Considering we were looking at the lunch menu (served 12pm until 5pm), we were unsure what to expect in terms of portion size. With some of the plates priced at as little as €5, we were expecting everything to be quite small. We decided to order one dish and if it was small we would simply order more. To our surprise, the portions were BIG. I'm talking Wagamama big bowls. I genuinely couldn't believe how much food you could get for so little money. 

Vanessa opted for a side of Vegetarian Gun Mandu - dumplings stuffed with fine vegetables, tofu and glass noodles; served with homemade soy sauce. These also came placed on the cutest illustrated paper you've ever seen. For main, both myself and Vanessa ordered the So Bulgogi Ramyun - a pickled beef & wheat spicy broth with marinated beef & wheat noodles. I'm not sure why but I was not expecting this to be as amazing as it was. The noodles were absolutely fantastic, combined with the broth which was spicy but crammed with flavour. The beef itself was beautifully flavoured from the marinade and so wonderfully tender, it melted in the mouth. An absolute 10/10 dish for me.

We had considered dessert but after such a large bowl of ramen I was stuffed. If you're visiting at lunch time, you can eat at Kimchi Princess for as little as €5.90 and leave with a full and a oh-so satisfied belly. If I was ever to go back, I would absolutely love to go for the dinner menu also and order several of the sharing plates as everything on the menu looked fantastic. The value of the food is incredible and the staff were absolutely lovely too. What would could you want? I honestly cannot recommend Kimchi Princess enough if you're visiting Berlin. 

That's it for another foodie review and the very last of my Berlin posts (until the next visit). Don't forget you can still check out the rest of my Berlin travels here. But tell me, have you been to Kimchi Princess before? Where are some of your favourite asian restaurants? As always, I love reading your comments so please do leave me lots of lovely comments down below. 

Until next time fellow foodies, 



  1. Korean meat dishes like bulgogi and galbi (beef short ribs) are among my favorites. I usually don't think of soup when it comes to Korean food but that ramen looks great! When it comes to asian soup, I usually go for Vietnamese pho or Thai tom yum.

    1. Ah good to know. Asian food is by far my favourite and this place was incredible - wish they had one in the UK :)

  2. I just adore asian food like this. It's great to see that they offer so many vegan and vegetarian options as well. You're making me so desperate to visit Germany this year. Love reading your food reviews Sophie :)

    Ashley xx

    1. Yeah I think you'd really like Berlin as there's so many veggie places. And it's all so cheap! Thanks hun x

  3. This looks amazing, such great value for money too!
    Those veggie dumplings with soy sound right up my street <3
    ♥ Fran - xx

    1. I know right?! Ah it was so so good - I really wish they had one here x

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