Lifestyle Review: Halloween Game Night with GiffGaff

It makes me sad to think that the Halloween celebrations have almost come to an end but there's still time to get some last minute plans in place. Since Halloween falls on a Thursday this year, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to plan a All Hallows Eve games night. 

I've always loved hosting games nights, or any events for that matter. I get excited to prepare the house, get the shopping in and plan a fun night for everyone. It's just a great excuse to get your friends round for a catch up, enjoy some drinks/snacks and get some good ole' competitive fun going. 

Since we moved to Stamford, Lincolnshire, it's been a big change in terms of how often we can see our friends and so it's never been more important to have these kinds of evenings and to stay connected. Thankfully, in the spirit of staying connected with people and making the process of planning a games night even easier, my good friends at GiffGaff* sent me the ultimate night-in package.

For those of you who haven't yet heard of GiffGaff, they are one of the leading mobile networks who offer a great range of SIM only deals. This means you don't have to be tied down by contracts and can change your plan whenever you like which. That's pretty ideal when some months are tight or for when you need more data.

Our gorgeous little package from them included 5 preloaded SIM Cards from GiffGaff to help us keep in touch with friends and family or gift them to our guests, a selection of games from Big Potato, a snappy little camera so we could record throughout the evening; as well as an Amazon Echo for us to play our spooky Halloween playlist AND a £50 JustEat voucher so we could feast on the local delights Stamford has to offer. Of course, no games night would be complete without a trophy for the winner. So with the decorations up in the house and the snacks at the ready - we were set to welcome the players.  

If you're worried about finding decorations or snacks, there's a whole host of affordable, spooky-themed treats available on the high street at the moment. I picked up the majority of our snacks from M&S, who were doing deals on the sweets and the cheesy fangs which were delicious. Most of my decorations were recycled from the previous year from the States or picked up from Flying Tiger, Wilko, PoundStore and ASDA. So whether you're on a budget or wanting to go all out, there's plenty to be found to complete the look for your Halloween games night.

Not ideal but we actually ended up having so much fun that I completely forgot to take as many photos as I should have. The board games we played were so much fun and a bit different from what we were used to. We also finished the night by playing one of our favourite games on the PS4, Jack in the Box, which allows each player to play on their phones whilst the questions and challenges come up on screen. It's really fun and a really good way to engage everyone.

Huge thanks to GiffGaff for inviting us to have this amazing night-in and an excuse to catch up with our friends. We had a wonderful night of games, pizza and drinks and am already planning the next one. If you'd like to find out more about GiffGaff, you can find them via their website here. But tell me, do you enjoy a game night? What are some of your favourite games? As always, I love reading your comments so please do share your thoughts with me below.

Until next time,  have a wonderful Halloween!

*Disclaimer - This package was gifted to me by GiffGaff. As always, all thoughts or opinions expressed in the post are my own. 


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