Beauty Review: LUSH Cosmetics Halloween 2019

Halloween may have come and gone for another year but my spooky LUSH Cosmetics haul is keeping the spirit alive. Here are some of my favourites from this year's Halloween collection. 

I personally felt that the 2019 LUSH Halloween collection wasn't quite as strong as it has been in previous years - but that didn't stop me taking home a bundle of haunting delights. I don't tend to binge on LUSH very often but I make up for all as soon as October comes around. In previous years, some of their Halloween products have been the best they've ever created so I was super excited to try out a new batch. 

LUSH Punkin Pumpkin Bath Bomb, £4.95 each - Similar to the Pumpkin Soap created a few years ago, the limited edition Punkin Pumpkin bath bomb is made of citrus and cinnamon to brightening up your mornings and refresh the skin during those cold, autumn/winter months. It's ingredients include cinnamon leaf oil, often used to calm dry skin and to effectively alleviate aches, pains; as well as lime and Sicilian red mandarin oil for an uplifting fragrance. That makes for my kind of bath and is my favourite product from this years' collection for sure. The Punkin Pumpkin bath bomb not only makes the bath look incredible but it smells fantastic and leaves your skin feeling great too.  

LUSH Boo! Shower Slime, £12.50 for 240g -  I wasn't sure about the texture of this at first but now I absolutely love it. Don't be put off but the name, the Boo! Shower Slime works just like an ordinary shower gel but only requires a small amount at a time. You'll immediately be able to smell its incredible scent, reminiscent of palmer violet sweets. Ingredients of this shower slime include bamboo stem extract for buffing and softening the skin, texturing cornflour and a natural thickening agent, xanthan gum, which keeps preserves the product and gives it that awesome slimey consistency. You may not also be able to see from the photos but the Boo! shower slime is also glittery, which sometimes puts me off, but luckily it won't leave anything on your skin. 

LUSH Ghost in the Dark Soap, £6 each - Returning for its second year is a clear favourite, the Ghost in the Dark soap. Yes, it really does glow in the dark. This zesty little guy makes your skin feel incredibly soft, revitalised and smells absolutely fantastic. Made from uplifting bergamot oil to give the skin shine and life, and lemongrass for fragrance, it makes for the ultimate lil' spooky soap.

LUSH Mercury Retrograde Bath Bomb, £4.95 each - Besides this reminding me of a Katy Perry song, this amazing little bath bomb was surely a stand out piece in this year's collection. This beautiful, multi-coloured sphere is made from Sicilian lemon oil and stimulating ginger to ease tension and lift your mood during those cold nights. The fruity buchu and spicy cinnamon make for an incredible scent and leave you feeling celestial and hyggy.

LUSH Scrub Scrub Scrub Shower Scrub, £13 for 300g - Not strictly a Halloween item but I couldn't resist adding this gorgeously gothic shower scrub to my basket. Much like other products in the Halloween range, the Scrub Scrub Scrub shower scrub includes citrus from lime purees to uplift; as well as blackberry, rosemary and buchu oils for that incredible smell and toning. Although this is a scrub, it's not too abrasive but leaves your skin feeling refreshed and smooth. I absolutely love the scent and consistency of it and it gets that gorgeous pure black colouring from the powdered charcoal which also makes for an excellent cleanser. I'm going to keep this little gem stocked up in my bathroom cabinet all year round.

LUSH Monsters' Ball Bath Bomb, £4.95 each - Although the Monsters' Ball bath bomb was one I had been meaning to try for a while, it was perhaps my least favourite of the Halloween haul. I found this particular bath bomb to be crumbly and it didn't quite survive the journey home (as you can tell by the state of it). I am a big fan of citrus products from LUSH but I couldn't quite pick up on the scents from the lime and neroli oil. That said, it does make for a beautiful pink and purple bath so you can feel like you're in a spooky cotton candy dream. Glad I got to give it a try after so long though.

Well, that's it for another LUSH Halloween. What products have you tried from the 2019 LUSH Halloween Collection? What do you think of my favourites? As always, I love reading your comments so please do share your thoughts with me below.  

Until next time gals and ghouls, 


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