Film Event: Birds of Prey Roller Disco Pop-Up

This week, Warner Bros. showcased a stunning, neon-lit roller disco to celebrate the release of the highly anticipated Birds of Prey: The Fabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn. Complete with pizza bar, cocktails and glitter stations, this was an immersive experience recreating the vivid comic-book world of Gotham. Take a look inside...

Located at the Steel Yard Nightclub on Cannon Street, London, the creative minds of Warner Bros. have created yet another incredible and immersive event which embraces all things Harley Quinn. Without much delay, Clarisse and I headed along to check out some of the many delights on offer. 

As with a lot of these events, the entire place was one big photo opportunity with various stations all around; including a glam and glitter station with Urban Decay cosmetics where you can glitter your face or be transformed in to one Harley Quinn. Not forgetting the candy floss machines and pick 'n' mix, pizza bar with Papa Johns and screen printing section. These are a few of my favourite things. 

Having got ourselves a tote bag and a mocktail, we headed in to the rainbow-coloured spectacular  that was the roller disco room. Of course, this had another bar which offered cocktails in the form of a deliciously sweet, green passionfruit slushy, as well as and a number of non-alcoholic Birds of Prey themed cocktails - for those of you still partaking in dry January. So, drinks in hand we tested our strength on carnival games before donning our skates and attempting - poorly-  to skate along beats inspired by the Birds of Prey film soundtrack. 

Of course, for those of you who aren't so confident with wheels stuck to your feet, there were people to help find your balance. Sadly, I never quite found mine and I'm not ashamed to admit I stood up in my skates for all of, perhaps, two seconds before confirming that it wasn't for me. But it's all good fun. 

Well, just like that, that's it for another film event. A huge thanks to Warner Bros for putting on such an incredible event and allowing us to attend. Yet again they've lead an incredible marketing campaign and I cannot wait to see Birds of Prey in cinemas this February. It already has stellar reviews and, if it's anything like this event, it could not be more up my street if it tried. Pizza, glitter,  neon lights, candy stations and mocktails - I'll move in right now, please and thank you. 

But tell me, will you be seeing Birds of Prey this February? What are your favourite DC Comic characters that you'd love to see on the Big Screen? As always, I love reading your comments so please do share your thoughts with me below. 

Until next time film fans, 


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