Lifestyle Review: We Got Engaged! (Life Update)

It's safe to say that life had gotten a little hectic over the past few months and truth be told it felt a little much at times. But, anything worth having isn't worth working for. Since I've been absent for a while, I thought I'd fill you in one some of the chaos with a life update and what we've been up to during lockdown...

We bought a house

So, I know it was only July that I posted my living room tour from our rent home in Stamford, having made the move from London just over a year ago, but within just a few, short months, somehow we bought a house. Yep - our very own home! 

We didn't move far but this time it's ours - and a new build! So, as much as I will miss our first home in Stamford, having now moved in to our new place I can't believe I never saw myself as a home owner. Living in London my whole life, it was never something I saw myself doing and didn't always see the appeal but I feel really proud of us for taking the plunge and I can't wait to share the developments and decor with you all soon.

We've wasted absolutely no time in decorating and making the place a home so if you're interested in seeing our interior, you can follow my home decor instagram account here: @athomeinstamford. It's really a sign of my age that I'm far more interesting in decorating than clothes shopping these days!

We got engaged! 

A few people have asked for my 'engagement' story via my social media channels so I thought I'd share it with you all. 

After a few stressful months of moving prep and not having any storage, we were finally feeling settled and unpacked. Much to my surprise, on Halloween, Stevie popped the question and of course, my answer was a big fat "yes". I honestly had no idea and was completely caught off-guard but it was very special. 

Having nipped out quickly to Stamford, I came home to a new pumpkin on the doormat (amongst all the other Halloween decorations I already had out) and a note telling me to follow the pumpkins. Immediately I knew something was up but couldn't tell if Stevie was trying to do something special since we were having to spend Halloween in lockdown; and he knew how disappointed I was that we couldn't celebrate as usual. 

I opened the door to a trail of pumpkins, leading me up the stairs to the bedroom where even more pumpkins were sat, with a ring box on top and a beautiful, vintage ring inside. I turned round and there was Stevie, stood with Ripley the cat asking me to marry him. 

Stevie later told me that his plan was to propose in DisneyWorld, Florida but it was really special being in our first home together, on Halloween. We spent the rest of the day watching horror films on the sofa with some snacks and a takeaway - what more could a girl want?

As you can imagine, wedding planning is very much underway already and, thankfully, we both have very similar ideas about what we want for our special day. Hopefully over the coming months I can share some of the details with you, without giving too much away. 

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Well, that's it for a quick life update. I know it's a pretty scary time right now with lockdown and COVID but it's really inspiring to see people tackling it head on and making the most of it. I hope everyone is keeping well and safe. 

Until next time, 


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