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To celebrate the release of supernatural horror, The Unholy on Blu-Ray and rental, Sony Pictures Entertainment* very kindly invited along to BrewDog in Dalston to sample a deliciously diabolical menu by Biff's.

**Update November 2022 - Unfortunately, Biff's x Brew Dog Dalston is now permanently closed. You can now purchase Biff's products in Sainsburys and find out more about via their website**

It feels great to be back out and about in London and, whilst blogger events and screenings may not be fully 'back to normal', this was certainly one event I was much obliged attend. With the release of The Unholy (starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan and produced by Sam Raimi) that day, Sony teamed up with the much loved experts in vegan fast food, Biff's, to create something otherworldly. Here's a look at what we got up to...

The Unholy film jeffrey dean morgan
The Unholy - Image courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment

If you've not yet seen or heard of The Unholy, it follows Fenn (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), a disgraced journalist who travels to a small New England town in for a story only to find it a dud. Lucky for Fenn, he quickly stumbles upon a strange relic which triggers a supposed miracle. Witnessing a girl, Alice (Cricket Brown) inexplicably healing the sick, Fenn finds his journalist break-through - and word quickly spreads of a supposed vision of the Virgin Mary. With people flocking to see Alice's miracles, strange and sinister events start to occur, causing those closest to her soon wonder if these phenomena are the result of something more unholy. 

If you love anything supernatural or a little religious connotation in your horror, this is a fun and easy watch. It's packed full of jump scares, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan isn't too hard on the eyes, either. But, how does it translate from the screen to the dinner plate? 

With The Unholy now available to watch in the comfort of your own home, we arrived at BrewDog in Dalston for a celebratory meal with Biff's. Not fully knowing what to expect, I was fully prepared for an all-vegan gut-bash. Of course, I knew that the menu would be themed, but was not prepared for what came our way. Having found a booth and grabbed myself a Fritz-Kola, the team brought out our starter - CFJ Wingz. 

The CFJ Wingz consisted of crispy fried jackfruit wingz (on a sugar-cane "bone"), topped with spicy chipotle death hot sauce, and a not-so spicy, tangy Bourbon BBQ. Also on the platter was Korn Ribz; 'hanged, drawn and quartered' sweetcorn ribs, slathered in a smokey paprika butter and fresh coriander. If you've seen the film, you'll see what they've done there ;) 

I had never tried vegan wings before but honestly these were delicious. The jackfruit makes a scarily interesting and flavourful alternative to meat. Combined with the smokey and spicy sauces, this was a fantastic start to our meal that went down a treat. 

The beast pictured above is The Unholy burger - chipotle black death hot sauce drip, Boston black beans, hell-fired jalapeƱos poppers, bubblin' cheeze sauce, triple smashed BiffBurger patties and spinach in a blood-red bun. My first ever go at a vegan burger. Ordinarily, I would never have chosen to have eaten a vegan burger (I'm not very adventurous and I tend to hate beans and more veggies) but, my god was this good and I'm so pleased I could pop my vegan junk-food cherry.

I'll admit I took out the jalapeƱos as spice is certainly not something I deal with well, but this was absolutely delicious. The patties themselves were fantastic and I wouldn't have guessed that it wasn't meat, along side the gorgeous faux cheese. Not to mention full points for that outstanding, spooky presentation! Having now seen the film also, I love the connection and how they tried to keep it in line with the film. Take a moment to take all that in. 

Image courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment

Well, that's it for another amazing film (and foodie) event. This menu was, sadly, a one-off for this fantastic event but you can visit Biff's all-vegan in BrewDog, Dalston and, of course, check out The Unholy for yourself on Blu-Ray, DVD and digital download now. A huge thanks to Sony Pictures Entertainment for allowing me to attend - as usual, I feel honoured to work with them. But tell me, have you seen The Unholy yet? What did you think? What are some of your favourite vegan dishes you'd recommend I try? As always, I love reading your comments so please do leave your comments below.

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Until next time film and fellow foodies, 

*PR invite. As always, all opinions are my own and do not reflect that of Sony Entertainment Pictures or Biff's. 



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