Travel Diary: Postcards from Berlin, Part I

Being my third visit, I've had a couple of people ask me what keeps pulling me back to Berlin. Besides the lovely people, the amazingly cheap but delicious food, incredible history and culture - I just really love the atmosphere. But, since something seems to change every time I go, I thought I'd let you see a glimpse of it for yourself. Here's Part I of my travel diary from Berlin...

Having arrived in Berlin in the early afternoon, myself and Vanessa were met with a beautiful sunny day and a rather unexpected 23 degree heat. And so, we thought we'd make the most of the weather and visit some of my favourite outdoor sights. Naturally, our first stop was the Berlin Cathedral (also known as the Berlin Dome) before a wander round Alexanderplatz. We finished up the day at Berlin's famous beer hall, Hofbräu Berlin, so that Vanessa could experience some authentic german cuisine.

Luckily for us, Day 2 was no where near as warm and was pretty much a tour of Kreuzberg - Berlin's answer to Shoreditch. Pictured above, Vanessa and I visited the East Side Gallery which is easy one of my top must sees for anyone visiting to Berlin. The surrounding area has some incredible examples of Berlin street art as well as some more iconic pieces and is a total must-see. One thing I was devastated to find however, was that both White Trash and The Dudes Deli were closed and in the process of being refurbished and relocated. And since I was looking forward to going to these places again, that was pretty sad to say the least. Thankfully, however, we found some new amazing places to eat instead but no burger will ever beat that of the Dudes. Here's hoping that if I ever return, they'll be back up and running. You can see from my first visit to the East Side Gallery and Kreuzberg here

Well, that's it for Part I of my Berlin postcards. I had such an amazing week sightseeing with my best friend and we could not have asked for better weather. I'm so sad to be home but I'm also super excited to be starting my brand new job this week. So tell me, have you ever been to Berlin before? Where are your favourite spots to visit? As always, I love reading your comments so please do leave me lots of lovely ones down below. Don't forget to check out the rest of my Berlin adventures here.

Until next time,

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  1. Berlin is one of my all time favourite place to visit, did you go to the zoo and Aquarium it's absolutely beautiful! I also agree with how cheap and amazing the food is x

  2. Mine too - there's so much to see and do. I did! That's going to be in my part II for sure :) xxx

  3. I'm glad that the weather and prices in Berlin were great during your trip :) If I were showing Berlin to a friend, we would go to the Reichstag dome to see the view of Berlin from there. The mention of Bahnhof Zoo reminds me of the movie Christine F (1981). The Aquarium is really amazing so I'm looking forward to your pictures. It reminds me also of the Aqua Dom in the Radisson Blu Hotel: Besides looking at the Brandenburg Gate and visiting the Checkpoint Charlie Museum, Museumsinsel (Museum Island) is a great place to visit. The Ishtar Gate reconstruction at the Pergamon is really amazing as is the bust of Nefertiti at the Neues Museum. Were you able to visit Sanssouci (Frederick the Great's summer residence) in Potsdam? It's spectacular but it might not be in everyone's interest as people might be more interested in Berlin as a modern, cosmopolitan city. But if you can't make the day trip to Potsdam, Schloss Charlottenburg is a great place to visit. A walk through Alexanderplatz is great as you can also see the TV Tower and the World Clock. Oh I heard a story about tourists doing parkour at the Holocaust Museum. That's really disrespectful as the full name of the memorial is The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. That's much worse than walking against a red no walk light in Germany.

    I'm looking forward to your part 2, Sophie!

    1. Yup we went to the Reichstag also :) but we also went up the TV Tower because you can see all of Berlin from there. We didn't go to Sanssouci but I'd been before. We stayed near Charlottenburg and it was only a few stops from Alexanderplatz. We probably spent most of our time around that area.

  4. Wow Sophie it looks like you got super lucky with the weather! Beautiful photos. I have been to Germany myself but never Berlin and now I really want to go lol. That food looks delicious too! Did you have any currywurst? It all looks so fantastic with all the street art. I especially love how you've photographed it also. Can't wait for Part II!

    Ashley xx

    1. Yeah it was amazing weather although wasn't quite expecting it to be that hot haha. It's so amazing if you ever get a chance - I'm forever recommending it to people :) Of course! You can't go to germany and not have some currywurst. There was actually a really bizarre currywurst museum which looked hilarious. Thanks hun - I'll be posting it soon :) xx


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