Film Event: Aquaman World Premiere

A few weeks ago, I was incredibly fortunate to attend the World Premiere of Aquaman in London's Leicester Square. It may have been a small and busy event but luckily I had a prime spot on the blue carpet and managed to snap some photos of the stars including Jason Momoa, Amber Heard and director,  James Wan.

Held in Leicester Square in London, cosplayers and comic book fans gathered to catch a glimpse of the stars of Warner Bros' most recent superhero blockbuster, Aquaman, on the blue carpet. With the film's director, James Wan, and majority of the cast in attendance (including Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Dolph Lundgen and Jason Momoa), the night had an incredible atmosphere. And, whilst it may have been a chilly night, it did not dampen the spirits of the crowd.

For those of you who have not yet heard about the new Aquaman movie, it is the latest DC origin story which follows of Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) who will go on to be known as Aquaman and join the Justice League. Set on both dry land and the under-water city of Atlantis, Aquaman finds himself caught between a surface world that ravages the sea and the underwater Atlanteans who are ready to revolt. In doing so, he must battle his half brother, Ocean Master Orm (Patrick Wilson) for the throne and win over his people. 

I'm not sure if I've ever discussed it on my blog but I've always been very skeptical of DC films.  Following a series of disappointments headed by Zack Synder (we won't even get in to Justice League) I've always very much considered myself a Marvel fan. However, Patty Jenkin's Wonder Woman was outstanding so, who knows? With Synder out of director chair, perhaps Aquaman has what it takes to breath fresh life back in to the DC franchise.

Well, that's it for another film event. Will you be seeing Aquaman in cinemas on December 12th? What expectations do you have of the film? As always, I love reading your comments so please do leave me lots of lovely ones down below. Again, a ginormous thanks goes to ODEON Cinemas - I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to attend this event. 

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  1. Aquaman doesn't open for general release in the US until Thursday night next week but I plan on seeing it. My expectations aren't that great after looking at the average critic rating at Rotten Tomatoes (I find that the average critic rating is more important than the tomatometer) but I am curious about it.

    I've enjoyed both DC and Marvel films so I don't root for one over the other. All I want is to have a good cinematic experience. I agree that DC needs to step up as Marvel has put up hit after hit. I recently especially enjoyed Thor: Ragnarok (directed by one of your favorites, Taika Waititi) and Black Panther. Ant-Man and the Wasp was funny enough. I felt Avengers: Infinity War was problematic because it felt so disjointed. But perhaps I should suspend judgement until they finish the story.

    You did mention that you were skeptical of DC when we discussed Wonder Woman, which I liked a lot. But I'm curious how you feel about Nolan's three Batman movies, Sophie. I regard The Dark Knight as a truly outstanding film of any genre, not just as a super-hero film.

    1. It opened on the 12th for us but no one's really been discussing it which isn't a great sign haha. But I've heard it's much better than most DC films and hopefully paving the way for a new lot of DC/Justice League movies.

      I am very much a Marvel fan over a DC fan although I will always go see them for myself. I think Marvel just have it all figured out and their storytelling tends to be vastly superior. I thought Avengers: Infinity War was amazing, really enjoyed it.

      I love anything Christopher Nolan - I don't really consider them DC movies as such, more his own spin off but those films are all incredible. I'd watch anything with his name on :)

    2. Aquaman is better than a lot of the DCEU movies (not as good as Wonder Woman). James Wan et al. put a lot of effort into creating the world of Atlantis. The fight scenes are pretty good.. The CGI works well for the most part but gets excessive towards the end. I did chuckle at some of the cheesy parts but overall, I was entertained.

  2. What a gorgeous guy! I mer him a few years ago and he is MASSIVE! Anyhow i am a fan of DC characters so will be seeing it over Christmas but do hope the storyline is better laid out and explained than its predecssors!

    1. Ha there is something about him, isn't there? He is a very BIG guy. I think this one is just fun and a good old fashioned blockbuster - perfect for Christmas. Hope you enjoy it hun, let me know your thoughts on it :) xx


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