Film Event: The Christmas Labyrinth at Backyard Cinema, Clapham Common

'Tis the season and my favourite themed cinema has gone all festive for the Christmas period. This time, Backyard Cinemas is bigger and better with The Christmas Labyrinth; an indoor cinema experience complete with magical woodland and secret enchanted tunnels. I popped along to Winterville on Clapham Common for a chance to check out the latest look with a screening of Home Alone (Chris Columbus, 1990).

If you haven't heard of Backyard Cinema yet, you are no friend of mine. With several locations and more to come, BYC provide immersive movie experiences in a unique and rather exquisite cinema setting. Following the success of their previous themes (Miami Beach, Lost World Jungle and, most recently, The Snowman at Winter Wonderland), this year they've returned to Clapham Common with The Christmas Labyrinth.

Once inside the Big top tent and beyond the curtain, you can choose one of four doors before navigating your way through an enchanted maze. Journeying through the gardens, tunnel of trees, you emerge through the forest and out in to the cinema screen - which is pretty magical to say the least.

Some tips for when visiting Backyard Cinema then. Firstly, whilst it may be chilly outside in Winterville, the Christmas Labyrinth is all indoors so there's no need to wrap up once inside (unless you need to go to the loo mid-film). Instead, I'd recommend wearing layers that you can easily remove.

Secondly, it's worth getting there early. Whilst there was obviously a queue to get in, it moves super quickly once doors open and you're allocated seats which means there's no panic once you get inside. However, I'd say it's worth getting there early to make the most of your experience; get yourself some snacks and a few drinks and just enjoy your surroundings.

I know I say this every time I go but Backyard Cinema just keeps getting bigger and better. As always, I loved the level of detail that went in to creating such a beautiful atmosphere; even down to the pre-film clips. There may even be a sneaky little surprise 'special effect' mid-way through the film. I just found the whole event to be so romantic and charming - the ideal location for a date night or night out with your friends. Get yourself some grub, and settled down to enjoy a film the way it was intended. I cannot wait to see what magic they come up with next.

Also - fun thing to mention. On mine and Vanessa's way home from Winterville and Backyard Cinema, we only spotted this billboard with MY review on! How exciting is that?

A huge thanks again to the guys at Backyard Cinema once again for having us for the evening. There really is no better way to enjoy a film and I cannot recommend it enough. If you'd like to check out the either the Snowman Experience at Winter Wonderland or The Christmas Labyrinth, any of the BYC events, you can purchase tickets from their website here. But tell me, have you visited Backyard Cinema yet? Where is your favourite place to see a film? As always, I love reading your comments so please do leave me lots of lovely ones down below.

Until next time film fans, 

*Disclaimer: As a Backyard Cinema blogger, I was kindly provided tickets to attend the evening.  However, as always, all opinions are my own and do not reflect that of the brand. 

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  1. Oh that looks great! Nice that the billboard included you :)


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