Lifestyle Review: We've Got Some Big News... (Life Update)

It’s been a little bit stressful these few weeks - with a lot of changes going on. Some good and some scary. Of course, with all new adventures, there has to be little bumps in the road before you can set off but I’m excited to finally share with you guys some pretty big personal news...

I’ve lived in London pretty much my entire life, bar 3 years living in Southampton for university. And, whilst there are plenty of things of London that I love (my family and friends, the hustle and bustle, the film industry...), it’s time for a fresh start. 

A few months ago, my boyfriend found out that he’d gotten a fantastic new job opportunity not too far from where he grew up near Peterborough and it seemed like the perfect chance for us to start a new chapter. So, our news is that we’re leaving London for good and moving to Stamford, Lincolnshire

Yes, it’s scary but I’m half terrified and half dying to just move and start decorating the house already. But I’m so ready to leave London behind. Obviously, I’ve always lived in London and I will forever have a connection with it, but I’m not going to miss that daily commute in to Central London anytime soon. Nor will I miss the cost of living here. Luckily, where we're moving to is just a 45min express  train from London Kings Cross so I certainly won't be a stranger and, obviously, I'll still be visiting for film screenings and weekend adventures. 

It may not be apparent from my blog or social media over the past year, but, around this time last year I wasn't doing so great. I had ended a relationship of five years which meant moving out of my little dream flat and in to my own place. I wasn't happy in my job, I had struggled to feel settled for a while and it was all getting on top of me. It meant spending a lot of my time between staying with my boyfriend and my parent's house just to feel some form of normalcy. It was only when I properly moved in to a new place with my boyfriend that I really began to feel right again and we built our little home - which I love. It's amazing how much of a difference your home situation makes to your mental health. So this will be an amazing new start for both of us (and Ripley the cat) and start of something pretty big.

We managed to find a gorgeous little house pretty quickly in Stamford and since then I’ve been day dreaming about the decor. I've been scrolling through endless Instagram inspiration and we’ve been all over the place trying to find things to fill it with. One of the websites I have been looking at quite a bit (genuinely) is Wayfair and, thankfully, they actually have a Room Planner competition* running at the moment that I thought I’d share with you all – plus there’s a chance to win some vouchers! 

For all your film and TV buffs, much like myself, this competition gives you the chance to recreate a set from your favourite movie or show, or even just plan a brand new space. You can put your creativity to the test for a chance of winning a £100, £200 or even £300 voucher for your next purchase on*. Not bad, aye?

It’s really a sign that you’re getting older when you spend more time and money on making your house look nice and filling the place with plants. But this tool was really fun for me to have a play around in preparation for our move next month as, up until now, it was just all jumbled in my head. Plus, I know you guys absolutely love a room tour so be sure to keep an eye out for that - coming very soon!

Well, that’s it for my little life update. I’m super excited for what the next few months hold for us and the nerves are very much outweighed by the excitement of starting a fresh in such a beautiful part of the country; surrounded by 18th century listed cottages, taxidermy and pretty little pubs. But tell me, have you ever relocated? What was your experience like? As always, I love reading your comments so please do leave me lots of lovely ones below. 

Until next time,

*Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post


  1. I wish the both of you good fortune and happiness with all the big changes, Sophie! I am glad to hear that you've gotten through the things that caused you stress. Ah, you two are a very good looking couple :) And Stamford looks very nice.
    I moved around a lot all my life. I think the hardest thing was saying goodbye to friends every few years. As an adult, it's much easier to keep in touch with people because of texting, messaging, and video calls.


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