Film Event: Annabelle Comes Home Dining Experience

Last week, Warner Bros hosted a very special foodie dining event to celebrate the release of their latest horror sequel, Annabelle Comes Home (Gary Dauberman, 2019). Set inside the Warren Family's artifact room in a secret London location, we were invited to dine on six dark and delicious courses.

Firstly I'd like to apologise for the iPhone photos used in this post. I've always said I would never do such a thing but, sadly, my camera decided to freak out on me on arrival to this event and so needs must. But anyway - located inside the Welsh Chapel on Shaftesbury Avenue (essentially an abandoned church), we were invited to a spooky candle lit dinner unlike any other - with artifacts lurking behind every curtain and Annabelle as our guest of honour.  

You really can't get any better than a foodie and film event combined. Having been welcomed in to the Warren's artifacts room with cocktails, we took our places, with Annabelle locked securely in her case at the head of the tables (or so we thought). With each bump in the darkness or reveal of an artifact, came another course and we were treated to a showcase of weird and wonderful dishes - each with a twist.

Annabelle Comes Home sees the return of demonic beacon, Annabelle the doll. Determined to keep Annabelle locked safely away, Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) keep her contained with their infamous artifacts room - in a glass case marked "Positively Do Not Open". However, when a babysitter's melding friend starts snooping around, the doll is let out and awakens the room's evil spirits. What follows is an unholy night of terror for the couple's 10-year-old daughter (Mckenna Grace) and her babysitter.

The film itself is a welcomed addition to the Conjuring Universe. As the seventh installment in the franchise, it follows somewhat of a 'dip' from The Nun (Corin Hardy, 2018) - which, though financially a success, received sub-par reviews; and The Curse of La Llorona (Michael Chaves, 2019) as the lowest performing film in the series. Whilst Annabelle Comes Home may not be considered 'scary' by hardened  horror veterans, it does get Warner back on track with the style and creepiness of the original Conjuring films which make them so enjoyable. 

Positively Do Not Open - Medium rare lamb with wild garlic gnoochi
But enough about the film - let's talk food. I was in awe of the menu, and not just the food itself but the positioning and detail that went in to each and every plate. Take a look at the menu...

Sole Sacrifice
Sous-vide lemon sole (dyed black), ceps and pickled grape dressing with tarragon oil and white shmeji mushrooms

Bloodied Beets
Baby beetroot salad, beetroot ketchup, red amaranth pickled red beetroot and red quinoa

In The Shadows
Corn fed chicken breast with bbq corn puree, charred sweetcorn, tarragon, popcorn and tarragon oil

Positively Do Not Open
Medium rare lamb cannon, wild garlic gnoochi, celeriac puree, celeriac crisps and salad verde dusted with green wild garlic powder

Annabelle's Eye
Sphere choux bun filled with sharp tayberry puree with elderflower mousse

Coins of the Ferryman
Salted caramel, dark chocolate coins embellished with silver leaf

(Pictured above) Annabelle's Eye - Choux bun with tayberry puree. Coins of the Ferryman - Salted caramel, dark chocolate coins 
If I had to pick a favourite course, I'd have to say the lamb was incredible and I could have easily eaten another two servings of those. A close second, however, would be the sole and the choux bun which was absolutely perfect despite it's scary appearance.

This was easily one of the best film experiences I've ever had. Or just experience, period. As a film lover and massive foodie, this event just nailed it on the head. Some of you might remember that a little while ago I took part in The Nun experience (also with Warner) and that too was truly incredible and I love how much effort film distributors are going to to market their movies. The food was genuinely delicious and of restaurant quality and I just loved all the little details; from the bumps in the night to the table decor. A huge thanks to Warner Bros for the invite to this, I had a wonderful time and genuinely really enjoyed the film. If you're feeling brave, you can catch Annabelle Comes Home in UK cinemas now. But tell me, which of these would be your course of choice? Would you dare to eat with Annabelle? As always, I love reading your comments so please do leave me lots of lovely ones below.

Until next time film fans,

Disclaimer - I was invited to attend this event by the distributor but was not asked to create any content from it. As always, all opinions are my own and do not reflect the brand



  1. Replies
    1. Did you get a chance to see it? Would love to know what you thought of it :)

  2. Kudos to the imagination and creativity that went into this movie event! To me, the creepiest thing on the menu is Annabelle's Eye.
    I'm curious to see Mckenna Grace in the film because she was so good with Chris Evans in Gifted (2017). In the Conjuring franchise, I think the actors (especially Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) are the best part of these films.

    1. Yeah I thought it was easily one of the best film events I've been to for the detail of it all and the food was genuinely very delicious :)

  3. Ahhh this dinner looks AMAZING! I love the set up for dining and how much effort has gone into it all. I'm absolutely terrified of films like this - I will be watching it but probably when my friends can drag me there so I feel 'safe' hahaha

    YR x
    @stampsmilesnap |

    1. I absolutely loved it. Haha I think alot of people stay away from horrors but you might be pleasantly surprised! Just remember, it can't be that bad if it's only rated 15 haha. Hope you enjoy! x


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