Film Event: Mission To Mars at Backyard Cinema, London

As many of you regular readers will know, I'm a frequent visitor to Backyard Cinema. Following the success of the Snow Kingdom and pop-up at Winterville, I was excited to be invited along to the launch of their brand new theme - a Mission to Mars. Take a look inside...

By now Backyard Cinema* needs little introduction on Popcorn & Glitter. For those of you who have not quite emerged from under your rock, however, they are a London-based themed cinema offering a unique and immersive movie watching experience. Based inside Elephant and Castle's Mercato Metropolitano, myself and Jack grabbed a quick bite to eat in the food court before making our way over to check out the launch party. 

This Spring, they're back with an all new sci-fi theme - guaranteed to make your commercial space travel dreams come true. Hosting an array of movie classics such as Blade Runner (1982), The Fifth Element (1997), Space Jam (1996) and Interstellar (2014), BYC have transformed their usual spot in to spaceship.

Ticket holders begin their journey at intergalactic security (being scanned for alien substances, obviously) before boarding a shuttle to the spacecraft and in-flight entertainment. Once inside, the spaceship offers a whole new selection of stellar snacks and bespoke cocktails to enjoy on those giant cosy bean bags. 

Having been to the majority of the themes so far, I always go in expecting big things - particularly as I loved Winterville so much. I am pleased to say that this did not disappoint and they just seem to be getting bigger and better each time. A particular highlight for me, was the new branding. In the past they've offered cocktails and snacks but not on this level. I was pretty pleased with myself, sat on a bean bag with space snakes (or gummy worms to you and me) and intergalactic cocktail made to look like astronaut food. These added details show, yet again, BYC's attention towards every single element of the experience.

Following an introduction from founder, Dom (Dom loves a good speech) and with snacks in hand, it was time to be sent in to outer space with a screening of Independence Day (1996).

So, if you're looking for a date night among the stars, you'll certainly want to check out Backyard Cinema this Spring. There really is no better way to enjoy a film and I cannot recommend it enough. Luckily, it's now open for all to enjoy so if you'd like to check out Mission to Mars or any of the BYC events, you can purchase tickets from their website here

Huge thanks to BYC and our hosts, Dom and James, for having us for the evening. I can't wait to go back over the season to give it another go soon. But tell me, have you visited Backyard Cinema yet? Where is your favourite cinema to visit? As always, I love reading your comments so please do leave me lots of lovely ones down below. 

Until next time film fans, 

*Disclaimer - I was invited to attend the launch of Backyard Cinema for the purposes of review. As usual, all thoughts are my own and do not reflect that of the brand. 


  1. This looks INSANE (in like, the best way possible!!) are tickets expensive?

    1. Yeah it's super fun! I really love the different themes. I think they're £17.50 each for adults? It's worth getting there a bit early to enjoy the experience though xx

  2. I love how everything is themed! They really go all out for the experience!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. Totally, I love it. I think Miami Beach and Winterville are still my favourite ones :) x

  3. WOW! This looks incredible, Sophie! You always go to such amazing events. I would love to do something like this where I live. Here's hoping they cross the pond sometime soon. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos XD


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